Blacklisted Loans

Blacklisted loans, term loans, consolidation loans,payday loans and personal loans these days are a sure way to get assistance should something unforeseen happen and you require urgent cash. Especially if you are blacklisted. Then…..

Our blacklisted loans is tailor made for you!

 Blacklisted Loans

There are plenty of blacklisted loan companies on the internet that is still prepared to assist you with your blacklisted personal loan, payday loan, term loan and cellphone contracts even if you are blacklisted. Paymeloans is a product specifically designed to assist consumers who have an impaired credit record or who are blacklisted so that they can also apply for a loan should the unforeseen happen. Blacklisted loans may be the answer should you find yourself in a position where you urgently need cash.

Is it difficult to apply for blacklisted loans?

Even though blacklisted loans is easier to apply for with less stricter criteria from the credit providers, one should understand that these type of loans is what is called unsecured loans and most of the credit providers are private companies who provide these so called blacklisted loans. What this means is that one should not expect a loan of R50,000-00 if they are very badly  blacklisted from these credit providers. In the current economic climate even the banks “run away” once you mention the word consolidation. I know that this is not exactly  what you wanted to hear but truth is that banks are scared that should they borrow a client a large sum of money to consolidate, that the client may lose his employment soon after due to the current economic climate in South Africa. They really are more cautious with granting consolidation loans and this is to clients who does not have an impaired credit record.

With that said, we grant payday loans from R500.00 up to R4000.00 and blacklisted loans of up to R120,000.00. We even assist consumers with blacklisted consolidation loans, depending on your personal risk profile. Note that your loan will be calculated according to your personal risk profile and company criteria as well as affordability assessments in terms of the National Credit Act no 34 of 2005. You will never  be offered a loan bigger than what you can afford. Also note that your loan amount, loan product and repayment period is determined on your profile as well as set company criteria.

How will I know if I will qualify for blacklisted loans?

As explained we do have our own scoring mechanisms and you might think that you have a really bad record and when we check you, we might find something different. Therefore the best thing to do is to apply. We will not be able to tell you before we can run you through our systems.In any case, what is the worst that could happen? So if you find yourself in need of an urgent loan, a blacklisted term loan or a quick payday loan, look no further than us to assist you with all your loan needs.

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